What Brands Inspire You

What Brands Inspire You


At Trust we believe a brand is not just a colour, logo or typeface. A brand should be a reflection of your culture. It should have a clear ‘why’, purpose and direction.

Fundamentally, a good brand will inspire. Inspire its customers, its employees and the community it operates in with energy, passion and enthusiasm. 
Many brands try to inspire but which are the ones who actually achieve this lofty, and much sought after goal?

Carl’s inspiring brand...

A brand that has inspired me recently is 'Finisterre'.

I'm inspired by their commitment to sustainability, in an industry saturated with fast disposable fashion they are taking a much more responsible approach.

This includes everything from the fabrics, packaging, factories and also offering a repair service to extend the life of garments.

They use organic, renewable and recyclable textiles and biodegradable natural fibres and finishes (in some materials this is literally discarded fishing nets)

Stuart’s inspiring brand...

For me my favourite brand is Adidas. 

They can do no wrong in my eyes.

They were the innovator in track and field.

They were the innovator in football boots.

And now they’re innovating in how to reuse plastics. 

Without them there wouldn't even have been the sports casual movement that has changed the way we all dress today.

They have the perfect blend of tech and retro styling.

I wear Adidas to run a marathon in.

I wear Adidas to walk to the pub in.

I wear Adidas to go to work in.

And feel equally comfortable and prepared in any of those situations. 

Gemma’s inspiring brand...

A brand that I love and use every week is GOUSTO.

I feel that they have developed a brand and a service which has helped us massively as a family.

It helps us to stay organised and maintain a healthy balanced diet as well as staying connected as a family by eating an evening meal together. It helps us choose healthy, balanced meals, and if there are any problems their customer care is fantastic.

I also love how they use other brands like Wagamama's recipes, so you can enjoy those at home. They constantly update their recipes and make ordering very, very simple.

Chelsea’s inspiring brand...

A brand that inspires me is Innocent Drinks. I love absolutely everything about them. 

They have a strong set of core values which are apparent in everything they do. Their social media strategy of putting out engaging, interesting or funny content works brilliantly - I always look out for their posts and reactions to things going on in the world. 

This has resulted in some amazing marketing campaigns for them where content has accidentally gone viral. It's not just on social media though... the tone of voice is spot on across every single brand touchpoint.

I've heard members of the Innocent team talk at events and you can tell they live and breathe the culture and love what they do. Also: their smoothies are delicious.


The purpose of a brand in the last century was to simply sell things.

The model was to use a paid media channel to interrupt someone's day and encourage them to buy. In today’s more socially aware society, people are looking for brands to do better. They are looking for brands who have the same values as them. And so are employees.

Whilst this idea might sound scary, the potential is actually quite exciting.

In previous years money was often the deciding factor but now brands have an opportunity to move away from simply inspiring customers to consume. People want to be inspired by the mission and purpose that a brand stands for. 

For brands who embrace this new way of engaging with their employees and customers the opportunity is an incredibly loyal group of brand advocates.

The challenge brands now face is how to identify their purpose, what they stand for, their ‘Why’ and communicate this to the audience most aligned with their values.

At Trust our Why is to ‘Help people find their Why and benefit from it’. So if your business is thinking of starting on this journey but doesn't know where to start, we might be able to help point you in the right direction

“We now look like the business that we actually are thanks to Trust's unique approach to values-based branding.”
Nigel Bennett
Managing Director - Hallidays