How we’re building Trust...

How we’re building Trust...

By Stuart Bradley

2017 was a year of frankly incredible growth at Trust Brand Communications.

Not only has our client roster been expanding at a rate of knots – with names like Connected Car Finance, the University of Manchester and the Bourton Group joining an already impressive list – we’ve also been beefing up our internal team with a few new hires and spreading out into a whole new office space at Broadstone Mill.

First up, meet Bethan Lumb (L) and Rebecca Wakefield (R), who join us as Designer and Project Manager respectively.

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Rebecca comes ready-supplied with a broad agency background (McCann Manchester / Truth) and a bunch of experience working on exactly the type of global brands we’ll be targeting in 2018, while Bethan is a Shillington graduate with a fabulous portfolio and a ton of freelance experience. Both are naturals at what they do, and both are perfect fits for Trust. We’re thrilled to have them with us and are beyond excited to see what we can do together.

We’ve also decided to stretch our agency legs a little bit. We’ve worked in our cosy little office in Broadstone Mill for a number of years, but the room turned out to be not quite “roomy” enough. So we’re moving! A whole 30 feet down the corridor… 

The new space will give us room to breathe and the chance to take advantage of everything headed our way in 2018. Moreover, Rebecca and Bethan won’t be the last of our new hires. We’ve already hired a Senior Developer [starting Feb 19th 2018] and have big plans for a big creative family. A bigger family needs a bigger home, so the move makes perfect sense.

But, why now...? 

Good question. We always start with why. Well, this period of expansion is the natural progression in a story arc that’s been playing out for a few years. Our founders’ vision grew out of a frustration with traditional, segregated creative agencies and being kept at arm’s length from clients. The idea was to create a team of creative equals built on a culture of trust (see what we did there?) and to try and do this whole 'agency' thing better.

And, in short: it’s worked. Growth started out slow and steady, but now we’re really beginning to hit our stride and can start to plan more ambitiously for the future. We’ve built a team we love and a client base we respect, and the plan for 2018 is to ramp it up even further. Our objective, by this time next year, is to have doubled in size, grown to fill our new office space, and to be in a position to share even more positive news about shaping great brands than we have this year. Trust us, 2018’s going to be a big one!

“We now look like the business that we actually are thanks to Trust's unique approach to values-based branding.”
Nigel Bennett
Managing Director - Hallidays