Web Developer? Join Team Trust

Web Developer? Join Team Trust

By Stuart Bradley

This is your chance to join our fast growing team, where you’ll work under your own management, and be responsible for checking your own work. So you’ll need loads of experience at a top agency where you’ve delivered high quality front end development.

Update... This role has been filled now! But if you're super talented and super nice please send us you CV and examples of your work.

No agencies, tah.


Trust is a branding agency that is quickly building a UK-wide reputation and client-base from their offices in Stockport, Greater Manchester. From our industrial / loft-style offices in a converted mill, you will be responsible for not only building websites, but managing processes and best practices for site development, and overseeing the development of websites built by freelancers.

Your ‘average’ day would most likely involve building bespoke WordPress or Craft CMS themes, which can involve everything from HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the front end to setting up the back end of the CMS, in the WordPress or Craft admin area. While not all sites we build are in WordPress or Craft, we specialise in small-to-medium-sized websites with a strong focus on visual design and UX.

This a great opportunity if you are currently a Lead Web Developer

Primary responsibilities

• Producing websites, frontend and backend, using clean and performant code

• Overseeing the production of all of our websites to ensure you maintain a reasonable level of familiarity with each site

• Determining processes and best practices for site development and hosting

• Working with designers to scope out new websites and advise on designs, particularly in relation to development implications and user interaction across multiple platforms

• Actively overseeing and maintain existing websites, and providing support

• Managing the hosting of new and existing websites

• Creating email campaigns


Key skills

• Building websites from the ground up in WordPress (with ACF) and Craft CMS

• Fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP

• Keeping current with new trends and best practices in regards to frontend web standards, code maintainability, page rendering, and browser performance

• Meticulous attention to detail when working from a design

• Good judgement when translating design measurements into a normalized front-end pattern or working without a design

• CSS pre/post-processors such as PostCSS or SCSS

• CSS methodologies such as BEM

• Version Control (GIT)

• Build tools (Specifically NPM and Gulp)

• Basic command-line experience with UNIX-based servers

• LEMP/LAMP stacks

• Page speed optimisation

• Exporting assets from Adobe Illustrator

• Knowledge of Accessibility best practices.

• Knowledge of SEO best practices

• Experience building responsive email campaigns


Nice to have

• Excellent communication skills

• Basic UX knowledge

• Basic understanding of design systems

• Ability to add basic user interactions without relying on a JavaScript framework such as jQuery

• Experience building or maintaining applications built with Node.js, Express and MongoDB

• Understanding of Web Services concepts

If you think that sounds a lot, then we need to point out that in return, you’ll get flexible working hours. Great working environment. The best tech and equipment. Loads of autonomy. Gym membership to onsite award-winning gym. Free parking. Amazing coffee. Great projects. Great clients. Great team.

But most of all you’ll get Trust.

Check out www.madewithtrust.co.uk/projects

If you can do better than our website, or the sites we’ve created. Get in touch via hello@madewithtrust.co.uk

“We now look like the business that we actually are thanks to Trust's unique approach to values-based branding.”
Nigel Bennett
Managing Director - Hallidays