Trust deliver #Something for MAG

Trust deliver #Something for MAG

By Gemma McCall

Trust has worked with MAG (Manchester Airports Group) to produce the launch campaign for MAG-O – a dynamic new division within MAG created to develop ‘something’ that is going to change the way people travel.

The project is a significant one for MAG, with the nationwide recruitment campaign designed to attract the best minds and exceptional skills to the organisation. The campaign will also embed MAG-O’s ‘reasons for being’ into the existing team and communicate their unique strategy to the wider Group.

Gemma McCall, Relationship Director at Trust said, “MAG has made an incredibly bold move to help future-proof their business by creating a dynamic new division; the aim of which is to build MAG’s customer insight capability, explore opportunities for digital optimisation and ultimately enhance MAG’s e-commerce business. The division has a dynamic start-up mentality that will help drive innovation and business development.

“We’re so proud to have been involved in the project at its inception, and help MAG to bring the best innovators and digital talent to the North West.”

Kelly Singleton, HR Director for MAG-O said “MAG will not stand still and wait to find out what’s next for the world of airports. We are a forward-thinking and dynamic organisation and with this campaign Trust has perfectly articulated what we’ve been working on.   MAG-O is innovating and developing concepts and ideas that will change the way people travel and we want to attract the best talent from across the country to come and help us to do that.”

The combination of two like-minded organisations collaborating to achieve a common goal has resulted in an ambitious video production shot in one-take. The project highlights the unique approach of the MAG-O division and demonstrates how Trust apply business-critical insight and understanding and develop them into engaging creative solutions. 

“We now look like the business that we actually are thanks to Trust's unique approach to values-based branding.”
Nigel Bennett
Managing Director - Hallidays