It all started with why

It all started with why

By Gemma McCall

Can you believe that it’s 10 years since business guru and ‘optimist’ Simon Sinek discovered his own personal ‘Why’ in 2007? 

Then in 2009 this was followed by his ground-breaking and game changing talk at TEDxPuget. A video that has, at today’s count, been viewed nearly 34 million times on the TED website alone. If you’ve never seen the talk, do it! It’s 18 minutes that could seriously change your life!

The concept of starting with why is something that is fundamental to how we build brands here at Trust. In fact, our vision is, ‘To help our clients find their why and benefit from it.’

At this 10-year anniversary of the concept of ‘Starting with why’, we thought it would be interesting to share the ‘whys’ of the Trust Team with you. In return, we’d love to hear what yours are!

Stuart’s why…

“After years of working in traditional, segregated creative agencies, I became tired of being kept at arms length from the clients I was working for. I also became tired of the egomaniacs, control freaks, and careerists jostling for position at the detriment of good work. I wanted to work amongst a team of equals. I wanted to work closely with my clients. I wanted to understand their business and help them to succeed. I wanted to create a culture of trust that flowed freely between our team and clients. I knew that if we could do this, we would have a business that succeeds because everyone is pulling in the same direction. That’s why trust, is not just the name of our business, and our core value...and it is my ‘why’.”

Carl’s why…

“My why starts with the best pens. The best hoover. The best coffee machine. The best furniture. The best office. The best computers. The best systems [We’re currently building our own studio management software]. The best working conditions. The best team.

It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly unimportant each component is…it has to be the best. Because all of this equals the best output from the studio, whether that’s design, website, or simply great customer service.

My why is to strive for the best. And I don’t mean to be the best in the world, that’s impossible. But I want us to strive to be the best version of us.”

Bethan’s why…

“I love that design consists of so much more than making things look nice - it challenges you to think creatively to solve problems, consider user experience and most importantly - learn from mistakes! Every day is different, every brief presents new challenges and there is always something new to learn. I really enjoy working everyday as part of a small, creative team and my ‘why’ is putting all of this together to bring projects to life.”

Rebecca’s why…

“Flexible working works when projects are a shared group effort from conception to fruition, and each person has a contribution that is valued. A positive approach to flexible working works both ways, for employers it opens up the talent pool for lower costs, while employees develop loyalty and increased productivity in an environment that believes this is possible. Ultimately, it’s a working relationship built around Trust. In an industry traditionally associated with inflexible hours and a ‘bums on seats’ mentality, my ‘why' is not having to give up a role I love, along with valuable skills I’ve developed, just because I’ve had children.”

Katie’s why…

“What drives me has changed a lot over time. My family are everything to me. I want to be a good person. In this busy hectic world, I think we are all trying to do so many things and be good at everything we do. Life has so many elements and we can’t be good at everything, it’s impossible. I try to be a good mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend, but often forget about making time for myself! I do what I do because I want to be proud of myself and want others to be proud of me.”

Wow. They are some good why’s. 

My why…

I am passionate about making things meaningful, whether that’s filling my children’s childhood with experiences they are going to remember fondly when they grow up. Or growing my personal and professional network to help create meaningful connections between others who can help one another. Or helping to build a brand with meaning that resonates with team and customers. I feel like I exist to make things meaningful.

From my perspective I feel really proud to read these answers and buzz from the real sense of trust. The collective spirit. The drive to improve. The pride in creating. And the sense of self that comes from doing something that matters. 

It doesn’t matter that all of these personal whys are different. That’s actually a massive positive. Because they combine to make the why of Trust as a branding agency even more powerful. Like Power Rangers morphing together to form the mighty Megazord. Which may seem to be culturally at the other end of the spectrum from the insight of Simon Sinek that inspired us. But as analogies go, it’s pretty damn strong. Let me explain…it illustrates that as well as finding whys, and creating great brands as a team, we have also been spending time with our kids. And they ask ‘why’ a lot.

“Trust took the time to get to know us and understand our business before delivering a fantastic brand and website.”
Jessica Yoo
Managing Director - Applegreen