5 minutes with... Keir Mucklestone-Barnett

5 minutes with... Keir Mucklestone-Barnett

By Gemma McCall

Here at Trust we want to nurture new talent coming into the industry. We really appreciated the Creative Directors who gave us these opportunities early on in our careers and we want to pay-it-forward in the same way. In this new blog feature we’ll be delving into the creative minds of others and spending five minutes with the interns working here.

Tall, bearded and caring are the 3 words I would use to describe myself.

But if you want a bit more detail...I’m actually a Fine Art graduate. It was towards the end of my degree that I realised I was interested in type and colour and that a career in graphic design was probably more my bag. 

It’s just as important to find out what you do want to do, as what you don’t. 

After working numerous jobs at Manchester Metropolitan University, I decided I needed to do something more creative with my career. I found out about Shillington College and after a few years of saving I enrolled on the 9-month part time course.  After graduating with a portfolio I was proud of I’ve been working at studios and taking on private clients ever since, I haven’t looked back.


There are all sorts of things that inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. I’d say that all culture that interests you is inspiring, be it films, TV, art, literature, the radio or fashion. Consciously or sub-consciously they all influence us and feed the creative part of our brain. If I want inspiration for a project there’s a few go-to sites such as ‘Its nice that’ and 'Brand New Under Consideration'. Failing that flicking through the design books and lifestyle magazines usually helps. Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with Manual Creative’s work, it’s dreamy.

My placement at Trust has been great! From the moment I arrived they threw me into a branding project for a photographer which was great, I was allowed to answer the brief in a creative way and present my ideas back. Everyone is also hugely supportive and friendly, it’s also a good environment to see how a small and tight knit studio operates and responses to briefs. You also work on live briefs which is invaluable.

The 3 reasons I love my job are:

1. You get paid to be creative.

2. I get to legit talk about coffee with other coffee nerds.

3. Oh and you get paid to be creative.


Hopefully in the future I’ll be working at a studio with other creatives trying our best to tackle big and difficult briefs. I want to learn as much as possible from as many other designers as I can. In another 5, maybe my own studio!

Now for the quick fire round:

Q. Books or box sets? 
A. Box sets


Q. Coffee or Tea? 
A. It’s coffee, obviously.


Q. Black or white colour? 
A. Black is the new black I hear.


Q. Wine or beer? 
A. Beer


Q. Sausage or bacon? 
A. Neither, halloumi is god.


Q. Money or fame? 
A. Fame sounds a bit much, so money?


Q. Call or text? 
A. Txt


You can find out more about Keir by following him on social media or visiting his website:

Twitter: @Keir.mb

Insta: @Keir.MB

Web: Keirmb.com 

If you are interested in a placement opportunity here at Trust, please get in touch: hello@madewithtrust.co.uk 

“We now look like the business that we actually are thanks to Trust's unique approach to values-based branding.”
Nigel Bennett
Managing Director - Hallidays