5 minutes with... Eva Žeglaitė

5 minutes with... Eva Žeglaitė

By Gemma McCall

Welcome to this week’s ‘5 minutes with…’ where we delve into the creative minds of others and spend five minutes with the interns working here at Trust. This week we're meeting Eva Žeglaitė.

My name is Ieva Žeglaitė (or Eva to my English friends) and I am originally from Lithuania. After 5 years working as an accountant (a job I didn’t love), I realised that I really wanted to pursue my passion - creativity.

So I chose to take the part-time course at Shillington College in Manchester. After completing the 9 month intensive course I was able to work with the industry-standard Adobe software suite. But more importantly I learnt how to tackle creative briefs, and this enabled me to create a portfolio I was proud of. 

The course not only gave me up-to-date creative techniques and technical skills, but also the confidence and to follow my dream and start my future career. My life motto is, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” (coined by Marsha Sinetar). I take this to mean that you have to be yourself, and not be afraid to try new things. If you allow yourself to fail and experiment it’ll help you find what you love the most, which will ultimately set you on the right path.

I try wherever possible to immerse myself within the graphic design industry. I really enjoy attending festivals, exhibitions, meeting new people and learning new skills by attending creative workshops. I also find lots of inspiration from reading autobiographic and other inspirational creative-orientated books.

It was an absolute pleasure working for Trust. It happened to be my first placement as a graphic designer in a creative agency. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I got involved in lots of different creative briefs, learned new skills and got a lot useful tips. It was really great experiencing the day-to-day of a creative agency environment and working with wonderful people.

My three reasons why it’s so great being a graphic designer are…

1. You get to express yourself.

2. There is always room for improvement so you’re always learning.

3. Being a part of an amazing creative community!

Now for the quick fire round:

Q: Books or box sets?

A: Books

Q: Coffee or Tea?

A: Coffee!

Q: Black or white colour?

A: Black and white stripes

Q: Wine or beer?

A: Wine

Q: Sausage or bacon

A: Bacon

Q: Money or fame?

A: Money

Q: Call or text?

A: Text

You can find out more about Eva by following her on social media or visiting her website:

Facebook: @evazeg

Insta: @evazeg

Web: evazeg.com 

If you are interested in a placement opportunity here at Trust, please get in touch: hello@madewithtrust.co.uk 

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