About us

We believe in working collaboratively.

We believe in research, in building brands from the inside out, in work that matters.

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About us

Our values


Someone once said, “Do what makes you happy.” So we do. We do work that we love, with a team that we love, for clients who love what we do.


More than our name. It’s our rudder. We trust each other like crazy. And we build long-term relationships with our clients built on honesty and respect.

What we do

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Digital
  • Content

More than a logo, a colour, or a font. Branding is the manifestation of the culture and goals of your business.

We live and breathe brands. We know that they are built from the inside out. We understand that your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your team first, and then your customers.
That’s why we start with people. By asking people what they think of your brand, what they say about your brand.

With this key information, we can build a brand that matters. A brand that will engage and inspire your team. A brand that will represent your culture, and be a moral compass that guides your business forward to achieve your goals and more.

We aim to be an extension of your business by playing a key role in achieving your plans for the future.

We’ll help you articulate your goals, then we’ll help you plan the strategy for achieving them. This means being honest about where your brand is now, and then setting targets for where you want to be in the future.

Our strategic approach to branding means collaborating to create a ‘road map’ of on-brand products that will help you achieve your goals. Our unique approach has helped us to successfully create strategies for a wide range of businesses, from local charities to the world's leading DJ technology brand.

In depth understanding means we’ll develop digital solutions that meet the needs of your customers.

User experience is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we take the time to get know your what your objectives are. For example, you may want more sales, better quality leads, or increased donations. With that knowledge we can work out the best way of guiding your users through your website. Making it a site that they enjoying engaging with and returning to.

Our process starts with a web workshop, where we’ll collaborate with you to work out the content and structure of the site. Then it’s the design phase. Culminating with the build of the site including a content management system (CMS), so you and your team can update your new site. We’ll even train and support you in how to use the CMS quickly and easily.

Whether it’s copy, video, animation, photography, or illustration, we always create engaging on-brand content.

From engaging written content (like this) to broadcast quality video, we’ve years and years of producing on-brand content that will help to tell your organisation’s story in the most interesting way.

As well as being able to distill your message and engage your audience, content creation also produces lots of shareable collateral to ensure your brand message is being heard across all platforms.
We find the best way of creating high-quality content is to work in a retained relationship. This enables us to set business-critical targets and then create the content in order of priority to achieve your goals.

The team

Trust. It’s all about people. We trust each other, so you can trust us.

Every member of Team Trust is an expert in their field who loves what they do. But more importantly, they’re all nice people. And being nice is vital to our success, because we don’t pitch, our business is built on creating and maintaining brilliant working relationships. So we put extra emphasis on respect, empathy, and trust. It makes us a great team to work with.

  • Photo of Rebecca Wakefield Project Manager
    Rebecca Wakefield
  • Photo of Gemma McCall Relationship Director
    Gemma McCall
  • Photo of Carl Sadd Creative Director
    Carl Sadd
  • Photo of Bethan Lumb Designer
    Bethan Lumb
  • Photo of Chelsea Maher Marketing Manager
    Chelsea Maher
  • Photo of Stuart Bradley Managing Director
    Stuart Bradley
  • Photo of Gemma Donnelly Relationship Manager
    Gemma Donnelly
Our Studio

Our Studio

From our home in a refurbished mill, we’re making something really special.

Filled with creativity, music, laughter, and fuelled by great coffee our studio is the physical embodiment of what we believe. It’s a space where our team is the most important asset, and they’re supported to deliver their best through an uncompromising belief in quality. This means the best computers, the best furniture, the best artwork on the walls, all to ensure you receive the best branding possible.

Our Approach

When is a design agency not a design agency?

The simple answer is when design is the last thing we do. We don’t put pen to paper (or cursor to screen) until we fully understand your organisation and goals. That’s why we prefer to call ourselves a branding agency. Because we build brands based on research, understanding, values and culture. When we have established these firm foundations, we break out the creativity to build brands that are engaging, truthful and successful.

Our Approach

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